Folder.qlgenerator shows items contained in folders in pretty good list view.
This version support file selecting function at with clicking list of this window.
Folder List Quick Look plug-in

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Archive Quick Look Plugin
Download file from: Folder.qlgenerator

1. Install

Drag Folder.qlgenerator into /Library/QuickLook/ or ~/Library/QuickLook/.
Make QuickLook folder If you can't find it.
After copying file, Activate Quick Look plug in with re-launch
One of the easiest way is right click Finder icon at Dock with holding "Option" key and select "Relaunch".

1-1 upgrade (for a user of Folder.qlgenerator)

Move old Folder.qlgenerator to Trash and install new version.
After you re launch FInder or re-login, upgrade will have completed.

2. How to use

After installed, only hit space bar at Finder.
[new]Select file in with click listed file name or icon.

  • We've added a small helper application in order to select file in
    At the first time you clicked file in Quick Look window, you'll see a dialog to confirm launch application or not.
    This application only select file in with receiving Finder:/// url handler.

3. Functions

3-1. Show/Hide hidden file
3-2. Show/Hide Time stamps

At bottom of Quick Look window, you'll find 2 checkbox to select show/hide hidden files and time-stamps.

4. Customize

Folder.qlgenerator shows list with using HTML and you can customize the style of view.
You'll find HTML files at following path.
Folder.qlgenerator/Contents/Resources/English(or Japanese).lproj
Please read variables in custom.txt.

5. How to add localize resource

Folder.qlgenerator has 14 localize resources, but it may contains some miss-take and lacks many languages.
You may add or edit initial words.

4-1 Copy English.lproj and rename to your language ex). Japanese.lproj
4-2 edit "Localizable.string" in lproj folder.

Release log

2007/12/09 release
  • New or improved functions
    • Select file in finder with clicking list in Quick Look view.
    • 14 language support.
      Thanks for many resources. We've got a couple of dozen language resources from many country.
    • Template resource HTML, CSS and JavaScript is now completely shared with Folder.qlgenerator.
    • Support Mac OS X standard localize method. Now you only edit Localizable.string in your language's .loroj.
    • Support system based date/time format.
    • More quick launch
  • Fixed problem
    • Long file name doesn't break layout.,
    • Removed modified date (It's not necessary for archive files.)
    • Added archive file size on attribute information,
  • Fixed problem
    • Solved problem with caluclating file size over 100MB.
    • Fixed fonts unite to Lucida Grande.
    • Removed test codes in file name and icons.
    • Fixed layout for long file name
2007/11/24 release

Special Thanks for many supporters

Thanks for person send us localize resources and bug report.
I'm sorry we can't list all credit here.



Interface Design:

Localize resource
Many cool person who send us localized resources.


If you want contact us in English, please mail to taiyo