Zip Quick Look Plugin

Zip.qlgenerator shows archived file list in Quick Look.

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zip viewer Quick Look plug-in

  1. Install
    Drag Zip.qlgenerator into /Library/QuickLook/ or ~/Library/QuickLook/.
    Make "QuickLook" folder If you can't find at /Library/.
    Restart (Right click Dock Finder icon with holding Option key)
  2. How to use
    After installed, only hit space bar at Finder while selecting Folders.
  3. Functions
    At bottom of Quick Look window, you'll find 2 checkbox to show/hide time-stamps.
  4. Customize
    Folder.qlgenerator shows list with using HTML and you can customize the style of view.
    You'll find HTML files at following path.
    Zip.qlgenerator/Contents/Resources/English(or Japanese).lproj
    Please read variables in custom.txt.
  • Version Release note
    • Date 2007.11.25
    • Released
  • credit

Developer: xdd

Interface Design: taiyo

  • contact

Please mail to about Folder.qlgenerator.

Thanks for your interest.
Enjoy Zip Quick Look Plugin and Folder Quick Look Plugin.

Gratitude, Next version and Localize

Thanks for many response to us (xdd and taiyo) very much.
We feel sorry not to be able to respond all mail and comment.

We've caught many localized resources for Germany, French, Swedish, Italiano, Spanish, Russian, Portugal, Chinese and English;-) already. We're gratitude for your work.

xdd and I started to discuss next version.
And we've decided to implement more easier way to localize into Folder/Zip.qlgenerator in next version.
##Of course, localize function is not the only new function in next release.
Your resources (and some bug fix reported) will be merged and solved in next version.

Again, thank you very much.